Emsal Stone and Tiles  Emsal Stone and Tiles
Recycled plastics sticker

Stone and Tiles

  • Long-lasting protection of surfaces and joints against dirt and water stains
  • Streakfree cleanliness for all tiles and stone surfaces
  • Constant drying
  • Easy-care impregnation – no layer build-up

Applicable indoor and outdoor for glazed tiles or stoneware, highgloss tiles, dim tiles, smooth and rough tiles, open porous stone floors like terracotta, marble, terrazzo, slate and granite, terrace tiles, paving stones and external staircases (Please follow the manufacturer's cleaning and care instructions.)

Bionics – Nature sets a perfect example: The leaf of a water lily provides the best possible surface protection, as the water simply runs off its surface. This is also the underlying principle of the emsal BIOPROTECT care formula. Effective surface protection is provided by a special combination of bionically impregnating active ingredients. Dirt is repelled and any moisture-sensitive joints are protected against undesirable swelling.

Regular cleaning and care:

  • Add 2 capfuls emsal Stone & Tiles to a bucket (5 liters) of lukewarm water.
  • Clean floor using a well-wrung out mop.
  • Without rinsing
  • Tip: If necessary remove strong dirt or old glossy layers with emsal basic cleaner.

<5% nonionic surfactants, fragrances, PHENOXYETHANOL, SODIUM PYRITHION, HEXYL CINNAMAL.

To the ingredients

1 litre