Emsal Stain Remover Spray  Emsal Stain Remover Spray
Recycled plastics sticker

Stain Remover Spray

  • Powerful stain removal for stubborn stains, such as red wine, cola, juice, coffee, tea, grease, oil, sauces and make-up
  • Due to special/specific BIOHYGIENIC-formula, with bio-alcohol, even stubborn odors are neutralized
  • Also ideal for removing stains from carpets, furniture upholstery and car upholstery soiled by pets

BIOHYGIENIC-formula for hygienic cleanliness and a secure feeling

Remove loose rests of dirt. Dab liquids with an absorbent cloth. Check color fastness at an unremarkable place. Not suitable for silk, velvet and water-sensitive fibres (sisal, coconut)

1. Inject: Turn valve left until image “ON” stands on the top. Spray directly and evenly on the stain and let the tuba spray soak shortly. Attention: For cushions and car upholstery we recommend to not spray directly onto the stain but use a colorfast, bright cloth with tuba spray on it to treat the stain.

2. Insertion: Treat the stain from the outside inwards with a colorfast bright cloth. Repeat this process until no dirt is absorbed by the cloth and the stain is not visible any more.

3. Removal: Dab the residues of the released dirt with a wet, colorfast and bright cloth or sponge. Repeat the process if necessary.

<5% anionic surfactants, non-ionic surfactants, perfumes, benzisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, citral, limonene, further ingredients: bio-alcohol.

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500 ml