Emsal Glänzer  Emsal Glänzer


  • Intensive and lasting shine / shine refreshment for stressed, dull floors
  • Long-term gloss and protection without repolishing
  • Provides resistance to heel marks and scratches
  • Permanently protects the floor from wear and tear, such as heel marks and scratches.
  • Thorough and sparkling cleanliness

Applicable for all PVC / stone floors, linoleum and sealed parquet. Not suitable for unsealed parquet, laminate, glazed tiles and porcelain stoneware tiles. (Please follow the manufacturer's cleaning and care instructions.)

ULTRAglanz performance formula contains special waxes that are particularly hard-wearing and permanently protect the floor from wear and tear.

First application and renewal of care:

  • Turn off the underfloor heating and let the floor cool down.
  • Thoroughly pre-clean the floor. Put pure gloss on the cleaned, dry floor and distribute evenly in sections with a damp, lint-free cotton cloth.
  • Let it dry completely, do not walk on it. In the case of highly absorbent floors such as linoleum, apply glossy paint again after it has dried.
  • With intensive use of the Shine, regular thorough cleaning (1-2 times a year) is required.

1 litre